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Cassard Studios [06/2009] – Ridin’ the hot stallion

Ridin’ the hot stallion (100 pics – 1067×1600 / 3 Movie clips)

On this years carnival I was invited by my gay uncle to his gay friends place.
He wanted me to go there fully dressed with slutty make-up. “I have a suprise
for you sissyboy!” he said on the phone. After my arrival I was introduced to a
good looking young and horny stud. “This is our STALLION… he always wanted to
fuck a hot tranny like you in the ass!” – “Down on your knees now! SUCK HIS COCK!”

“This is a test… you know… if you pass this test you will have to please all
our gay friends and her gay daddies.” – Uuuhh and how he worked my ASSHOLE…

Get the preview here:


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