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Promo clip on Shemalemodeltube :)

Pornopolis party series comes to an end

I think everybody who follows me has heard about my yearly event called ‘Pornopolis’.
After thinking about this over the last two years I came to the conclusion to stop this kind of event.
A girlfriend of mine once said that I should have hundreds of visitors for this great event… but in
reality it was totally different. In total I have invited over 100 people for the last event and in the
end there were 6 guests… which made it a total financial desaster. Furthermore did some prices
rise up compared to last year which made the desaster even worse. In 2015 I had about the same
amount of visitors but the costs where a little lower. I’m pretty much dissapointed by the complete
situation and esp. by the people. Organizing such an event always took an enormous amount of
time and I was typing my ass off to motivate people to attend the party for pretty much nothing.

I want to thank everybody who cared and attended the events during the previous years.

Let’s take a look back in time…

Pornopolis (2010)


Pornopolis 2 – Airship Chronicles (2010):


Pornopolis 3 – Flying saucer bitches (2011)


Pornopolis 4 – Trans Asia Express (2012)


Pornopolis 5 – Pink Amateur Orgy (2013)


Pornopolis 6 – Cafe Fant-ASS-tique (2014)


Pornopolis 7 – TRANSta’s Paradise (2015)

Pornopolis 8 – Trannies in wonderland (2016)




Heavy Makeup Assfuck – Free clips / Gift for everybody

Hello Fans…

I have decided to give my very first clips to the public.

Check them here:

Please don’t stop supporting me.

Ten years into porn anniversary

Yesterday we had a small but cozy girly-night celebrating my 10th year into porn business.
Thank you girls :)

Transtalk BBQ 2013

I’ve been to the yearly Transtalk BBQ yesterday… Here are some shots… more to follow.

Schlampenfest (Slutfest) March 2013

Well… I’ve been to Slutfest in Nuremberg last weekend. Here’s a small preview :)

First shooting in 2013 done… Post Apocalyptic Cyberslut

I won’t be loosing much words here… the mayans where right… the world did end… for my old style 😉
Welcome to the future… Post Apocalyptic Cyberslut.

Sorry to say that this will take a few months until it’s online but here’s a sneak preview :)

T-Time @ Club Karree – 04.01.2013

There’s a new tranny party since a while in my area and I wanted to check it out several times before but couldn’t make it. I was also very curious about this new swingerclub called KARREE ( I like the location a lot as it’s very big and cozy… the swinger-rooms are gloomy and warm. While meeting a few of the usual girls there also where some newcomers at the party. Later that evening some guy approached me and we started to chat. I asked him to show me those rooms that could be locked up and me went downwards. After crawling into one of those rooms I started to suck his cock and making him hard… it didn’t take too long.  I really needed a cock in my ass and his cock slided into my cunt… he started to fuck me in various positions… fucking me good until he came in my ass.

New masturbation video/trailer online

Just found some old material from the days before HD came :) I didn’t want to throw this away so enjoy.
If you have fun with my work please join my website and support me. May update will be coming soon.

As requested here is another link:

Fan tribute from Joey

The only thing I can say is… THANKS VERY MUCH :)


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