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Drawings by Holger

I got contacted by another artist recently who sent me the following pics. I hope you like them :)

Petra van Holland – Rest in Peace

I had to learn that news sometimes doesn’t spread so fast in the tranny world.
With sadness I have to announce that Petra van Holland has passed away by
the end of november 2012. She is following the path of various other Tranny icons
of my beginnings in the 90’s. It was very quiet around her recently and we haven’t
spoken for quite a while so I already thought she stopped dressing up… now I know
the real reason. Right now no more details are known to me.

Rest in peace Petra… the tranny world will remember you.

Tribute Video by Twistedworlds

Here’s tribute Video I got recently from Twistedworlds. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tribute to Cassy Cassard


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